Our references and projects: Specialised technical translations

Get an overview of our specialised technical translations in the most diverse sectors of industry. The spectrum ranges from very specific specialised fields to general topics, technical documentation, marketing texts, legal or scientific documents in more than 50 languages.

Our reference projects for Machine and system construction

Technical translations for Component and Product manufacturers

Translations for Universities and Specialist publishers

Translations for Technical service providers and Engineering firms

Sheet and metal working

KALTENBACH Group - system provider for steel construction and steel trading


The Kaltenbach Group offers machines and complete systems for profile and steel processing: For telecommunications, power plants, bridge construction and many other infrastructure projects worldwide. Our translation company delivers translations in around 20 languages.

Water treatment

KMU LOFT Cleanwater Logo

Great emphasis is put on environmental protection. An important aspect is the efficient use of water as a valuable resource.

Use the example of KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH to convince yourself of the expertise of our experienced specialist translators in the field of waste water treatment.

Heating and thermal engineering

SRS Industrieofenbau Logo

Heat treatment plants and industrial furnaces and are among the special areas of plant construction. Our translation company can also look back on our extensive experience in specialised technical translations for the field of heating and thermal engineering technology.

As illustration, we would like to cite company SRS Industrieofenbau.

Industrial heat treatment plants

Caldatrac Industrieofenbau Logo

The caldatrac Industrieofenbau GmbH & Co. KG. is a company that can point to a fruitful cooperation with the Techni-Translate translation company when it comes to specialised technical translations in the specialised field of industrial heat treatment plants.

Dosing technology

D+P, Dosier- u. Prüftechnik GmbH logo

Automotive and industrial technology

Robert Bosch GmbH

Techni-Translate specialises in the translation of technical documentation in the area of automotive and industrial technology: Operating instructions, parts lists, catalogues, functional specifications and assembly instructions.

Your texts are in good hands with us. Quality and adherence to schedules is our highest priority!

Manufacturing technology

KMT Waterjet - waterjet cutting technology logo

Our translation company works with the same highest precision as is essential for manufacturing technology companies.

For projects in the specialised field of waterjet cutting technology , an exact execution of the translations is a basic requirement. KMT GmbH should be mentioned here as exemplary.

Measurement and control technology

MOEHWALD - Bosch Group

With state-of-the-art testing technology for diesel and gasoline injection systems as well as for hydraulic components, MOEHWALD is represented worldwide as a supplier of cutting-edge technology for the automotive industry.

Find out more about our cooperation with the MOEHWALD.

System manufacturing


Techni-Translate has been a translation service provider for plant engineering companies for many years. These important customers include ANDRITZ MeWa, which develops and builds shredders and complete solutions for the recycling of electronic and electrical waste waste, cooling units, oil filters and other waste.

Automation technology

Strasser logo

Painting technology

Seckler Automation Logo

Our long-standing customers include many companies in machine and system construction, even in very specialised industries.

This enabled us to demonstrate our technical language expertise in the field of production automation, handling technology and special machinery for SECKLER AG. 

Mechanical engineering

LISSMAC Maschinenbau Logo

Thanks to extensive cooperation with customers from the machine tool building industry , our translators are able to deliver the best possible quality. An example of this is LISSMAC Maschinenbau GmbH, an international system partner for high-tech machines and systems.

Lifting technology, parking systems and workshop equipment

NUSSBAUM Group - workshop equipment and parking systems - Logo

We already have created specialised technical translations for companies that specialise in the area of parking systems and workshop equipment . One of these customers is the NUSSBAUM Group, which manufactures, among other things, lifting platforms and premium parking systems.

Plastics technology and process technology

ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH logo

Nowadays, plastics technology is of immense importance, regardless of whether it is the production of new products or the Recycling of valuable resources.

One of our customers in this field is ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH with headquarters in Bensheim.

Disentangling and feed technology

Mafu Automation logo


RIEGLER compressed air technology and pneumatics logo

Techni-Translate is a reliable translation service provider in the area of pneumatics and hydraulics. Our translators are well versed in terminology used in this industry. 

The company RIEGLER & Co. KG, which has chosen Techni-Translate for years as partner for specialised technical translations, should be mentioned as a representative.

Laboratory instruments and chemical products

Specialised translations for ISOLAB Laborgeräte

As a reference example, we present the 500-page product catalogue from ISOLAB Laborgeräte GmbH. 
Format: InDesign
Specialised translation in 5 languages.

With the help of this translation project, we will show you more about our experience and expertise in the laboratory and chemical industry.

Industrial fittings

Armaturen Arndt Logo

The service provider Techni-Translate translates technical documentation for the area of industrial fittings: Installation instructions, catalogues, CAD drawings and spare parts lists.

The translation of technical terms in this industry is very demanding because the product depth requires a high degree of specialisation. As an example of this is the company ARMATUREN-ARNDT GmbH.

Software localisation

MESO-Gruppe Logo

Techni-Translate software translators professionally and competently take care of the specialised translation and localisation of the software and user documentation for the MESO Group in more than 10 languages.

Learn more about MESO, pioneer in the area of image archiving and diagnostics.

Pump technology and pump systems

Mast-Pumpen Logo


Techni-Translate is a professional translation service provider in the areas of pump technology and pump systems. Using the example of working with MAST PUMPEN, we will demonstrate our technical expertise and practical experience.

Optical systems

Edmund Optics Logo

Techni-Translate is a service provider for translations in the area of optical systems: Press releases, technically demanding marketing texts for websites and trade fairs, as well as technical documentation. 

Reference example for the areas of visual components, microscopy and image processing.

Information and Communication technology

DLoG Industrie Computer logo

Compressed air and hydraulic components

Landefeld Druckluft und Hydraulik GmbH - Logo

Our translation company presents the specialised technical translations of the 650-page "Atlas 9 Compact" catalogue with approx. 80,000 articles from LANDEFELD, a leading system supplier for the areas of pneumatics, hydraulics and industrial supplies.

Layout inhouse: QuarkXPress XTG
Translation into English and Polish

Communication technology and electrical engineering

Telegärtner Logo

Telegärtner has developed into a specialist in the areas of data and telecommunications for 70 years. The products are used worldwide, which means that translation requirements in many languages are growing. Our translators have the relevant expertise in connection and transmission technology

Warehouse technology

BITO-Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH Logo


The difficulty with translations in warehouse technology is the very specified specialised terminology. During the translation of a product catalogue into 10 languages, it must be ensured that the same is understood in all 10 languages. The technical translation of terms in this industry must be precise and may only be carried out by experienced experts.

Construction elements

UNILUX Fenster und Türen - Logo

In the construction industry, one does not necessarily suspect a great need for specialised technical translations.

Nevertheless, Techni-Translate can also refer to a few customers in the construction components industry especially in the window and door construction sector.

Laboratory supplies and laboratory equipment

BRAND Labortechnik Logo


Whether product catalogues, instructions for use, websites, commercial texts or other types of technical documentation in the area of laboratory technology, Techni-Translate has the right translation experts for this.

Find out more about our services for the company BRAND.

Electronics and embedded systems

Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH Logo

Technical translation company since 2003: Techni-Translate offers translations in the field of Electronics und Embedded Systems

As an example of this is the company Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH.

Automation technology

Föhrenbach Positionier-Systeme - Logo

Precision demands precision. Techni-Translate stands for precision in the field of specialised technical translations in the area of automation technology and precision engineering.

This is also reflected in the cooperation between Techni-Translate as the service provider for translations and Föhrenbach Positionier-Systeme GmbH.

Filters and filtration technology

MEMOS Membranes Modules Systems logo

Our translation company has been a long-term service provider for translations of a large number of medium-sized companies that are active in very specific areas. 

One example is MEMOS Membranes Modules Systems GmbH, an innovative and dynamic company in the field of filters and filtration technology.

Software translation

ORGADATA software services - LOGO

Our customers include software companies and IT service providers that operate internationally and translate their products into many languages. Convince yourself of our service in the area of ?software translation using the example of cooperation with ORGADATA AG, which has been developing industry software for window, door and façade construction for over 30 years.

Laboratory products

VITLAB Labortechnik Logo

Techni-Translate provides specialised technical translations for various industries, including companies that specialise in the area of laboratory technology

These satisfied customers include VITLAB GmbH, a manufacturer of laboratory equipment based in Großostheim, Bavaria.

Fire protection electronics

BRANDTRONIK GmbH - Brandmeldesysteme Logo

BRANDTRONIK develops and produces control systems and detectors for small extinguishing systems, primarily for the mechanical engineering sector.

Our translation company can use the example of this long-term cooperation to demonstrate industry experience and expertise.

Plastics technology and process technology

ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH logo

Nowadays, plastics technology is of immense importance, regardless of whether it is the production of new products or the Recycling of valuable resources.

One of our customers in this field is ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH with headquarters in Bensheim.

Technical universities and research centres

Vienna University of Technology Logo

The translation of scientific texts requires not only a sound understanding of the language, but also a high degree of technical expertise in the respective area of?science and research.

Using the example of the Vienna University of Technology, we would like to introduce you to our specialised translations in the research area of energy and environment.

Specialised translations for the publishing industry

Publisher Europa-Lehrmittel

As an experienced translation service provider, we not only produce specialised translations for industrial customers, but also translate specialist literature and textbooks for publishers.

For the Europa-Lehrmittel publishing house we translated the well-known "Tabellenbuch Metall” into English: "Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook". 

Universities, colleges and research institutes

University of Leibniz, Hannover Logo

Specialised translations in the areas of science and research require a lot of technical knowledge and precision. Scientific texts are translated in a variety of formats, including LaTeX (LTX), standard application at universities and colleges.

Find out more about our cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at University of Leibniz, Hannover.

Universities, laboratories and research institutes

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Logo

Techni-Translate translates technical documentation from science and research for the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. This includes technical lecture scripts for foreign students, research reports, presentations, publications and scientific texts.

Find out more about our cooperation with the Faculty of Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Specialised translations for experts and advisers

FR expert Fiedler Rebohle Logo

Techni-Translate not only works with companies from industry, but can also refer to a wide range of experience in service areas in the specialised translation of expert reports and damage documentation

One example is the company FR expert Fiedler Rebohle in Stuttgart.

Specialised technical translations for machine and system manufacturer

I highly recommend Techni-Translate. The translations always come on time and are of good quality. And even if things have to go a little faster, I can rely on the competent team of Techni-Translate.
KMT Waterjet

Specialised technical translations for component and product manufacturers

Regardless of whether it is technical data sheets, press releases, catalogue texts or presentations, we appreciate the professional, customised translations from Techni-Translate as well as the quick response to inquiries and the friendly service.