Our industries at a glance

Our technical translators not only have academic training, but also extensive practical experience in the respective industries. In this way, our translation company can always ensure that a specialist who is competent in your specialised field is entrusted with your translation. Trust our highly qualified technical translators, who have the necessary linguistic and industry expertise.

Filling/dosing technology

From filling plants to rotary valves, Techni-Translate offers competent and experienced translators in the filling and dosing technology industry, who deliver translations of the highest quality. Quality and precision is our aim as a translation company certified according to ISO 9001.

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System manufacturing

From the development of the process on a laboratory scale to feasibility and concept studies, approval phase and implementation planning through to the actual construction and start-up of the system, there is a lot of technical documentation that needs to be translated.

Specialised translations for technical documentation from system construction
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Whether large fittings for the chemical industry or the smallest hose fittings for laboratory applications, the Techni-Translate translation company is your partner for technical translations in the area of industrial fittings.

Oil and gas industry - Specialised translations for industrial fitting manufacturers
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Electrical engineering

Regardless of whether it is complex electrical devices and systems, high or low current technology or electrical household appliances, we at the Techni-Translate translation company professionally take care of your technical translations from all areas of electrical engineering.

Electrical engineer working - Translation company for translations in electrical engineering
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Fire protection

When it “burns”, it’s usually too late already. This is also true in a figurative sense. Therefore, prevent any potential problems and translate your fire protection-related documents with the translation company Techni-Translate.

Professional translation of technical texts for fire protection
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Vehicle technology

Whether it is in land, water or air, vehicles and their technology are encountered everywhere. At Techni-Translate, we want to make sure that you reach your customer with professionally-translated documents in the vehicle technology.

Professional translation of technical texts for automation manufacturers and supply of bulk goods
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Conveyor technology

Regardless of whether is is pallet conveyor systems or goods lifting, Techni-Translate is your experienced translation partner in the area of conveyor technology and delivers translations of the highest level. Quality and reliability is our aim as a translation company certified according to ISO-9001.

Professional translation of technical texts for conveyor technology suppliers and manufacturers
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Communication technology

Regardless of the computer, software or entertainment industry, all the way to a “connected” house, ICT technology has a wide field of work in the coming years, its limits are not to be ignored. Techni-Translate is prepared for these developments, as your competent translation company.

Professional translation of technical texts for the communication technology.
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Plastic / materials engineering

Materials and plastics are being developer at lower princes, safer for the environment and easier to process. Plastic and materials engineering has to meet these high requirements. We hold ourselves to the same quality requirements as our customers.

Professional translation of technical texts for plastic and materials engineering
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Laboratory technology

Precision and reliability define the products of laboratory technology. They offer a wide range of uses in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, research and development. Diverse products represent high requirements for our translation company, which we meet with the best quality.

Professional translation of technical texts for laboratory technology manufacturers
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Mechanical engineering

From A for Automation Technology to Z for Zero Assignment, for all specialised fields of mechanical engineering, such as mechanics, measurement and control technology, thermodynamics, materials science and drive technology, our translation company has the technical translator for your needs.

Technical translations for companies in the mechanical engineering sector, in fields such as robotics, automation or conveyor technology.
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Regardless of whether you work as a freight forwarder, warehouse service provider, port and airport operator or as a railway company, our technical translators produce translations at the highest level for all areas of logistics.

Container loading in cargo ships - Technical translations for logistics companies from Techni-Translate
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